joi, 26 februarie 2009

At last...

Today I decided not to hide myself anymore and to make public my daily preoccupations. Who am I in fact? At first sight, a very usual man... ;)
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luni, 9 februarie 2009



Cristi Sanda, un verdadero productor de pelicula. Aquel sonido grande! Es en efecto muy interesante producir peliculas porque tienes que saber que instrucciones dar a los actores.Un productor es esencialmente alguien que hara la idea para una pelicula,pasar.Pienso que ser un productor es fabulos porque ellos consiguen encontrar a mucha gente, ellos consiguen ver que su escritura esta siendo jugada por actores buenos etcetera. Ya que he encontrado Cristi, pienso que mi deseo de realmente hacer la interpretacion en una pelicula divientara realidad si esta posibilidad me sera dada. Ya que lo conoci a el, poedo decir que es un tipo bueno, no como pense antes y el hara una gran cosa hacer peliculas. No se demasiado sobre el asi no escribire mas.

At times, I feel like I know you somehow… as if I talk to very close friends.
I don’t know why… I believe that is because I have quite close friends in Bucharest, your voice is very similar to their, and definitly the accent contribuites a lot to it.
I can’t really develop many ideas about you, and that is because I don’t know you for a long time, therefore I should limit my words about you, and dwell upon what you do.
It is indeed very interesting what you do, and probably (from what you told me) you are very good at it…which makes you a talented person. I would like to work with such people like you.. you know.. but the thing is.. is somewhat difficult in this situation (you know what I mean), but there is time to get to kow each other, right ? And of course, if things won’t go the way I would like, I will just appreciate that I’ve met you.
Hopefully what I wrote I’ll make you content. This is in short, what I wanted to tell you.

sâmbătă, 7 februarie 2009

Catre Galateea...

Recită: Alecsandra Trifuţ - Cluj Napoca (foto)
Pian: Richard Claiderman

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